Good Grades Program

Atlantic Housing offers rent discounts and/or incentives to families with students (K—12) who achieve perfect attendance and are on the A or A/B honor roll.

Atlantic Housing will give a 10% rent discount for each semester (a semester is comprised of 3 six week periods or two quarters) that a student receives either perfect attendance or straight A’s, and a 5% discount for students on the A/B honor roll. A 20% rent discount can be earned by a student who has both perfect attendance and straight A’s. (where applicable)

For program details please contact your local community manager.

Discounts can be combined for residents with multiple children but cannot exceed more than one month’s rent and do not apply if another assistance is being received (alternate incentives exist). Discounts will be calculated each March and August and awarded towards rent in the following month.


A report card must be submitted in the months of January and February (for Spring discounts) and June and July (for Summer discounts). The report card must have the following:
  • Student Name
  • School Name
  • Grade
  • Attendance for semester
  • Grade average for the semester
  • Correct year
The Atlantic Housing Foundation reserves the right to discontinue the grade program at any time. If you have multiple children, please fill out a form for each child. Thank you!