About Atlantic Housing Foundation

The mission of Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc. is to promote and preserve quality affordable housing and related services for low and moderate-income families, helping residents improve their lives. We will do this in a manner that will foster the continuous improvement of our people and our company. We strive to be a top-performing, thoroughly professional, and genuinely caring organization in all that we do.

AHF was organized in South Carolina in 1999 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Atlantic Housing’s purpose is to:

  • Foster, support, acquire, construct, rehabilitate and operate qualified affordable housing for low-income persons and families, elderly and mentally or physically disabled persons where no adequate housing exists for such persons;
  • Provide, acquire, construct, rehabilitate and/or operate student housing; and
  • Provide housing at schools and scholarships for qualified students from lower income families to enable such individuals to find their way out of subsidized housing through educational opportunities.

Atlantic Housing is a community housing development organization (“CHDO”), as designated by the Texas and South Carolina Tax Code.

Our Founder

Dan French established Atlantic Housing Foundation with a vision to create a world-class, affordable housing organization to serve low and moderate income families. He served as President and CEO of Atlantic Housing from its founding until 2008, CEO until 2019, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees until 2022. He continued to serve as a board member until his passing in December 2023.

AHF will always be grateful for Dan’s bold, forward-thinking vision that has helped thousands of people get the housing, education and community resources they need to improve their lives. To honor Dan’s legacy, Atlantic Housing Foundation has launched the Transforming Communities: Dan French Real Estate Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a promising student pursuing studies in Real Estate.

The Atlantic Housing Foundation is Changing Communities for the better.